Celeritas Freight Solutions is a customer service company first!

Our mission is to add value and expertise to your supply chain through the procurement and execution of transportation activities. Celeritas is a national provider of transportation services, logistics solutions, data driven products, freight consolidation, warehousing, local distribution and supply chain management analysis. With more than 200 power units in our fleet and thousands of additional carriers in our network, we have the daily capacity in all the lower 48 states and Canada required to best serve your needs!


With daily capacity in the continental United States and Canada, we have coverage where you need trucks!


Receive transparent actionable data driven products as a tool that can provide value in your supply chain!


Leverage our proven track record of success and explore how our fleet can provide short and long term capacity!


Our Chicago, IL rail facility can support all your rail, intermodal, consolidation, warehousing and delivery requirements!